Stuffed Eggs with Salmon Cream

Looking for an elegant appetizer for your Easter lunch? Or for a tasty bite to be served during Eastern Monday picnic with your friends? We suggest you to prepare these delicious stuffed eggs, made with salmon, capers and mustard. As this recipie is very versatile, let your imagination guide you when stuffing these treats!

Enjoy these canapé with a chilled glass of an Italian Prosecco Extra Dry.

Uova sode-sfocate

Ingredients for 10 pieces

5 hard boiled eggs
∼1 tbsp pickled capers, drained
−1 tbsp mustard
150 g smoked salmon
80 g mayo
−1 handful parsley

Cut the eggs in two parts, take off the yolks and keep aside the white parts. Using an immersion blender mix all of the ingredients together with yolks until obtain a cream.
Fill the white parts with the cream and garnish with some of the parsley leaves.

IMG_1272 copy

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