Classic Summery Pappa al Pomodoro Recipe from Tuscany

Pappa al Pomodoro - Traditional Summery Soup from Tuscany
Viva la pappa pappa col popopopomodoro, viva la pappa e’ un capopolavoro 🎶 🎶... This is one of those songs that made the history of Italian music, known by all the Italians ever since they were children. It’s something my grandma used to sing to my mom when she was little. A generation later, my mom used to do the same to me, and two generations later I sang it to my kids to encourage them to eat. Let’s contribute to make this song everlasting: learn the refrain, take the ingredients out of the larder and prepare the Pappa al pomodoro. This peasant recipe has earned a special spot in the Italian cuisine over the years. Originally from Tuscany, it’s known all over the Italian peninsula, thanks to its simplicity. The basic ingredients are only stale bread, ripe tomatoes and garlic. By adding a drizzle of Evo oil, a handful of basil leaves, and a dollop of mozzarella cream, you’ll get a great dish to be served to your kids… humming the Pappa al pomodoro song!
Pappa al Pomodoro - Traditional Recipe from Tuscany
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Spaghetti with Bottarga : a Fishy Recipe from Sardinia

Pasta con la Bottarga is one of those quick recipes that you can make while pasta is cooking. An easy – preparation dish with a unique and refined taste.

Bottarga, an Italian excellence, is salted- cured tuna or mullet fish roe traditional from the main Italian Islands: Sicily (more Sicilian recipes here ) and Sardinia (more sardinian recipes here)

Here in Copenhagen we had a chance to make this recipe thanks to an original idea from GOLA Cp owner. He preserved the egg roe sac from local fresh Cod fish provided by BluLobsterApp following the traditional technique used in Sardinia to prepare Mullet Bottarga. The result is spectacular!

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

Spaghetti with Bottarga: a traditional Recipe from Sardinia
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Fragrant and Quick Lemon Granita

Quick and Fragrant Lemon Granita from Sicily

Get ready for a hot summer with this fresh and thirst quenching Lemon Granita. The sugar and the ice cubes are staple ingredients, so the only thing you have to do is to get the best lemons you can. We obviously suggest the Sorrento or sicilian lemons, but for those of you living out of Italy, any kind of super juicy lemons will work perfectly.

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

Quick and Fragrant Lemon Granita -
Quick Lemon Granita
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Classic Sicilian Pasta alla Norma

With this week’s recipe we are going back to Sicily and to its Ricotta! Pasta alla Norma is one of those recipes that every Italian, but not only, should learn to prepare, no matter if one is from the south or north of Italy.

This incredibly satisfying pasta is made with deep fried eggplant (which makes this dish super luscious ;-)), fresh tomato sauce, basil leaves and the final touch of ricotta salata cheese.

Just to satisfy your and our curiosity we conducted a quick research about the name of this recipe. Pasta alla Norma comes from Catania, a city sitting at the foot of Mt. Etna on the eastern coast of Sicily. It was the hometown of Vincenzo Bellini, an Italian opera composer, well known for one of his most famous operas, Norma, the lead character of the opera.

Nino Martoglio, a famous playwright from Catania, upon tasting the dish, exclaimed, “Chista è ‘na vera Norma!” (Sicilian dialect), comparing the dish to the masterpiece of Vincenzo Bellini. That was a great compliment for the chef who made it!

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

Pasta alla Norma from Sicily

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MalloreddusGnocchetti Sardi from Sardinia with Tomato Sauce

Gnocchetti Sardi with Tomato Sauce

Based on the last announcements, it seems that Italy will open up to visitors this summer.. If you are planning to spend the holiday in the beautiful Sardinia region, don’t miss the chance to taste its regional pasta called Malloreddus, or gnocchetti sardi.

We won’t unfortunately spend the summer in Italy this year, so we prepared the Malloreddus at home, pretending to be on a white sandy beach overlooking the fabulous limpid turquoise waters of Sardinia.

We want to thank Benedetta and Valeria from Local Aromas for sharing their recipe with us. If you want to get to know these nice sisters, read the interview here.

🍷 Francesca🍴

Gnocchetti Sardi in the Making

Malloreddus – Gnocchetti Sardi

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Flavoured Spaghetti Pasta with Lemon and Chilli Flakes: A Quick Improvised Dish

Spaghetti with Lemon and Chilli Flakes:

Sometimes we happen to improvise a recipe by using just a few basic ingredients. This Pasta is one of these, which sees the lemon as the main ingredient, to create a zesty and fresh dish great for the upcoming summer. At the end we added some chilli flakes to this lemony pasta, and it won’t disappoint!

Thanks to our dear friend Danila for sharing this amazing recipe with us.

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

Flavoured Spaghetti Pasta with Lemon and Chilli Flakes: A Quick Improvised Dish
Spaghetti with Lemon and Chilli Flakes:

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Easter Cassatelle Filled with Ricotta from Ragusa – Sicily

Easter Cassatelle Filled with Ricotta - Sicily

We have to admit that we’ve never heard about the tradition to prepare the Cassatelle (Cassateddi in Sicilian dialect) for the Easter celebration. Thanks to Luisa, an Italian Ragusan friend living in Copenhagen, We discovered this pastry which is very simple in its ingredients, but with a fancy shape that makes it different from any other sweets.

If you are still looking for an Easter fuss-free recipe, this is definitely right for you!

Easter Cassatelle Filled with Ricotta from Ragusa - Sicily
Easter Cassatelle Filled with Ricotta from Ragusa - Sicily
Easter Cassatelle Filled with Ricotta from Ragusa - Sicily

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

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Brasato al Barolo: Piedmontese Slow-Braised Meat with Barolo DOC Bussia Red Wine

Brasato al Barolo: Piedmontese Slow-Braised Meat with Barolo DOC Bussia Red Wine

When it comes to a succulent and rich dish of classic Italian cuisine, the Brasato al Barolo is a prime example. This meat-based dish from Piemonte region is prepared with the cooking technique of brasatura: a whole piece of beef is slow cooked in a little liquid, like red wine, along with spices and vegetables.

Barolo Bussia – Enzo Bartoli is a wine made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes from Bussia Cru Barolo’s production area. Located in Monforte d’AlbaPiemonte, this area is renowned for producing some of the world’s most coveted Barolo wines. This Barolo is a full-bodied, complex and elegant red wine with an exquisite perfume and robust body. Let us say that this wine made our Brasato al Barolo recipe perfect. 🙂

Barolo DOCG BUSSIA 2016 Enzo Bartoli Red Wine is imported to Denmark by Drop by the new showroom to taste or buy it.

Barolo DOC Bussia Red Wine

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

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Classic Italian Tiramisù Recipe

Classic Italian Tiramisù

The 21st of March is not only the first day of spring, but it’s also the day during which we celebrate the Tiramisù. We are glad to embrace this tradition by preparing our classical recipe of the Tiramisù. By serving a spoon of this creamy dessert, we are bringing a taste of Italy abroad, which is particularly important in this period when we miss our home country more than ever.

If you want to discover more about the controversial story of the Tiramisu’, read our previous post here.

Happy Tiramisu’ day everybody!

Classic Italian Tiramisù

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

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Crumbly Ovis Mollis Biscuits

A few days ago, when I was checking my fridge to decide what to prepare for dinner, I realised I still had a full pack of 6 eggs that were about to expire. So I took the chance to prepare the Ovis Mollis (a latin name that means soft egg), as it had been a long time since I wanted to try a recipe that Michele, an Italian friend living in Norway, made me taste. These biscuits are different from others as they are prepared with hard egg yolks… yes, you read correctly! The hard yolk makes them so heavenly, crumbly, and soft that you don’t want to stop eating them.

Crumbly Ovis Mollis Biscuits

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴

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