Ciao a tutti!

“I’m Francesca, from a small village close to Trieste and I’m currently living in Singapore where I moved with my family in 2020.”

“I’m Marinella, from the White Town of Ostuni in Apulia. I have been living in the cosy Copenhagen since 2013 together with my family”.

How come two ladies from the South and the North of Italy, currently living in the north of Europe and in the South Eastern Asia, met and decided to start a blog about Italian food?

Sometimes our lives seem to be very different and far away one from the other, but our paths can cross in some remote place, and so it happened to us when we clashed in Copenhagen in the far 2015. Our kids were attending the same international school and as soon as we met in a grey and dull day of December, after dropping off the kids in the morning, we invited each other to take a hot coffee in the closest bakery. We chit-chatted about our past life outside Denmark, about our kids, our initial struggles of living in Denmark, and at the end the conversation fell into sharing Italian recipes.We agreed on the fact that cooking Italian food while living abroad is not that difficult and that it’s even possible by using fresh and local ingredients. We experienced that in Denmark but also in Switzerland where one of us, Francesca, moved to in 2017, and in Singapore as well where she is living now.

We can therefore admit, based on our experiences, that the Italian cuisine is for everyone, anywhere in the world, from the cold Nordics to the hot far East. So don’t be shy to try out our recipes wherever you are living in the world, and even if you are not a chef (like us – we aren’t) you’ll bring a taste of Italy on your table.

Lots of love! 💕


These beautiful pictures were taken by the professional photographer Giulia Bellini who is also a dear friend. We wish to thank her warmly for the ability to capture in these few shots exactly the atmosphere around us, when we were together in Copenhagen!