Stuffed Vine – Tomatoes and Potatoes

The vine tomatoes is one of the most known variety of tomato. When they are ripe the flesh is soft and thick, and the taste is well balanced between sweetness and acidity. These tomatoes are very versatile, perfect to be eaten both cooked and raw.

This week we’ve baked these vine tomatoes following the original recipe that our dear friend Chiara, from Umbria region, has shared with us.

As this dish is made with very few ingredients, in order to get a tasteful and excellent result, don’t be stingy in using fresh herbs and good quality cheese.


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Nero di Troia di Terre Carsiche Red Wine and Capocollo Tagliata Pork Meat by Walkingwine

This week we want to bring you in the Puglia region, and more precisely in Cisternino town, the heart of Itria Valley. We recently had the pleasure of spending a few hours together with Giorgio and Giuseppe, the owners of  Il Cucco Cucina Enoteca, eating delectable food and sipping a glass (or more :-)) of  “Nero di Troia” red wine gently suggested by Walkingwine.


During that day, Giorgio and Giuseppe prepared the recipe that you can find at the end of the page, called “La Tagliata di Capocollo with Radicchio and Parmesan Cheese”. This is their reworked version of the “bombetta pugliese“, a classic dish from the local cuisine.  The “bombetta pugliese” is a seasoned, and sometimes breaded, slice of capocollo meat, rolled up around a piece of cheese and then grilled.

To enhance the structured flavours of this dish, the wondering Walkingwine street-wine shop recommended to pair a glass of Nero di Troia  di Terre Carsiche.

Giorgio and Giuseppe’s passion for gastronomy has grown over the years. Sons of well-known restaurateurs of the Itria Valley area, they have always been fascinated by the good wine and good food.
After many years spent travelling around Europe, in 2005 they decided to open a sought-after restaurant in Cisternino that offers food and wine pairings. They base their pairings on an extensive wine list and a large number of reworked Apulian dishes.
Since 2005, Il Cucco offers a dynamic menu full of flavours and aromas that follows the seasonality of the ingredients and the tradition of Apulian cuisine, sometimes with an International twist.

Two years later, the owners decided to dedicate a part of the restaurant to an enoteca (wine – shop) offering a huge selection of wines.

The Dish: Grilled Capocollo Tagliata Pork Meat with Radicchio and Parmesan

INGREDIENTS for 4 servings:
4 uniform slices Capocollo pork meat, 1 cm thick
bread crumbs
salt, to taste
a splash of vinegar, extra virgin olive oil
chioggia radicchio
fresh grounded parmesan cheese, to taste

The capocollo is upper portion of the pig’s neck and part of the shoulder, interspersed with streaks of fat, and with a soft taste.

Pour the bread crumbs in a bowl and season with salt and vinegar. Lay the pork slices, 1 at the time, on the crumble bread, and with your fingers press until obtaining an uniform  bread coating. Turn the slice and repeat.

Pre – heat a cast-iron grill pan over high heat. To avoid the meat sticking to the grill pan brush the meat with a thin layer of oil. Lay the slices on the pan and grill the meat until the juices ooze on the top (for a rare meat). Then, using a spatula, flip the meat and let grill until slightly charred.  Cook it longer for medium or well done.

When the meat is ready, let rest for few minutes.

Pre- heat the oven at 180°C. Slice the steak on the diagonal, no thicker than one-half inch. Move the meat onto a baking pan, cover with radicchio (washed and chopped), season with salt and finish with sliced parmesan cheese. Cook it in the oven for a few minutes or until the parmesan is melted. Drizzle with olive oil and serve immediately.

The wine: Nero di Troia di Terre Carsiche – IGT –  Castel del Monte – Puglia

Wine cellar: Terre Carsiche, historic company that produces wine in the heart of Puglia
Grape variety: Nero di Troia
Sensory characteristics.
– Color: deep red wine with orange and violet shades.
– Smell: intense bouquet with scent of violet and black fruits.
– Taste: full bodied and soft, slightly spicy
– Fermentation: in steel tanks at controlled temperature.
– Fermentation period: 10 – 12 days.
Serving Temperature: 18º/20º
Food Pairing: Perfect with roasted red meat, wild game meat and seasoned cheese.

Agretti Savoury Pie

A few days ago, while I was shopping at my favourite grocery store in Switzerland, I saw a packet of vegetables I had never seen. Once I read the name on the label (agretti, monk’s beard, mönksbart) I realised those were the vegetables I’ve been hearing everyone talking about lately. These green shoots grow in Italy, from Central Italy to the South, but I have to admit that they are not so common in the area where I’m from (North-east of Italy). So I didn’t pass up the chance to buy them and to prepare this savoury cake, after consulting Marinella who is the expert when it comes to Southern Italian recipes. Hope you find the Agretti at your local market ’cause they are really delicious and especially super healthy!



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Nutella roll cake

This Nutella roll cake is utterly delicious. We got to know that is also called “Swiss Roll Cake.” We really don’t know why this name as we’ve never found it in a Swiss bakery or at least not here in Zurich. But we may be wrong, so let us know if you tasted it and where… wherever you are in the world!


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Pasta alla Norcina – pasta with fresh pork sausage

Our dear friends Claudia and Chiara shared this tasty, robust and traditional recipe from Umbria, a region of central Italy with us.
The name of this dish comes from Norcia – Nursia, a charming town known for one  of the best sausages in Italy, for the black truffle, for Castelluccio di Norcia lentils, for the beautiful scenery of unspoiled nature and historical monuments.
If you happen to be there don’t forget to visit a norcineria, a grocery shop where you can buy or taste pork cured meat made by expert local butchers.
Here in Copenhagen we found fresh Italian sausage from Ca – take away (Rebekkavej 49Hellerup 2900)

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It’s all about pesto! (and nuts)

This week, together with our kids, we had so much fun preparing an unusual mix of vegetables and nuts. So why don’t we share the best pesto recipes that came out of this colourful day with our dear followers? Let us know what your favourite type of pesto from this selection is. Hope you enjoy!


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Fresh broad bean salad

Spring is finally here and, if you’re lucky as we have been this week, you’ll find fresh broad beans and peas…. so we planned to prepare this easy and quick salad to better taste the flavour and the crispy texture of these spring vegetables.

In Copenhagen, we found the fresh broad beans at Cà – Cucina Take Away (Rebekkavej 49Hellerup 2900)


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Chickpea cream with monkfish

To make this healthy and tasty dish we drew inspiration from the Diet Mediterranean guidelines, combining legumes, fish and herbs.

We easily found monkfish in Copenhagen, but the dish can be equally tasty by using manta fish.


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Zin – Fiano Salento White Wine and Black Trofie Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Cuttlefish

This week the Walkingwine 3-wheeler stopped in “The white city” Ostuni – Puglia at Ristorante Porta Nova and paired a Zin – Fiano Salento white wine with a “Black Trofie Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Cuttlefish” dish.

Porta Nova is set on a breathtaking view terrace inside a XV Century Aragonese donjon and it offers a lovely view on the olive trees valley and on the Ostuni shore.

Passionate, territorial and feminine” is the definition Erika Ciaccia, the chef of this renowned and fine restaurant,  gives her cuisine. She offers a cuisine with excellent and local ingredients with an international style.

The restaurant opening by Tonino Ciaccia is dated 1989, and since then Erika loves to spend time with her dad in the kitchen. Her passion grew over time and has been strengthened thanks to a master with Massimiliano Alajmo. the youngest chef to gain 3 Michelin stars. Beside that, Erika went to the finals of “Hell’s Kitchen”, in the Italian television. Since she was 18 years old, Erika is the chef of Porta Nova. 

Today she has prepared for us a fish dish that perfectly blends different ingredients and flavours typical of Southern Italy. This dish is enhanced by the distinct personality and structure of Zin – Fiano, as recommended by Walkingwine.

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Apostles’ fingers – Apulian ricotta dessert

This is a quick and traditional recipe from Puglia – Apulia, Southern Italy. If you are eager to learn more about this region, have a look here.

The name of this dessert comes from its color, which is very pale like the fingers of Apostles. So make sure you don’t burn these crepes! :-))

Picture by Barbara M. Lütken

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