Thanks to Riccardo Casarico Photo for this scenic view of ocean in colorful village Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy


  • Ligurian cuisine is traditionally Mediterranean. Very simple ingredients are used, which alone seem poor, but mixed together bring out a great taste. The most famous Ligurian dish in the world is pesto, made from olive oil which is largely produced in this region, basil, , garlic, pine and parmesan, used to season various types of pasta like trofie and linguine. A typically Ligurian prerogative are the focaccias and savory pies: from the simple focaccia with extra virgin oil to those filled with stracchino, an Italian creamy cheese.  Among its many savory pies the Torta Pasqualina, is the most famous: layers of puff pastry filled with spinach or chard, ricotta cheese, and egg (follow our the recipe here). Torta pasqualina is traditionally served during Easter lunch or during Easter Monday. If you are in Genova ( the capital of the region) and are looking for the best places to eat or buy a Torta Pasqualina, we would like you to stop for a break at the following places:

  • Antica Friggitoria Carega (Via di Sottoripa, 113 r, Genova)the historical and one of the most famous Friggitoria in Genova, where they serve a spectacular Torta Pasqualina, among other delicious Ligurian dishes. It’s close to the Aquarium, which is considered the largest in Europe.  If your children are starving, the Antica Friggitoria Carega is even more the best option.
  • Antica Sciamadda (Via San Giorgio, 14/R, Genova), another famous Friggitoria, a few steps from the Porto Antico (the old harbour). Here they serve fresh and high quality food, rigorously baked in a firewood oven.


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