Apostles’ fingers – Apulian ricotta dessert

This is a quick and traditional recipe from Puglia – Apulia, Southern Italy. If you are eager to learn more about this region, have a look here.

The name of this dessert comes from its color, which is very pale like the fingers of Apostles. So make sure you don’t burn these crepes! :-))

Picture by Barbara M. Lütken

INGREDIENTS for around 8 Apostle’ fingers:

a small glass of sweet liqueur like Rum or Strega or San Marzano
3 egg whites
200 gr ricotta:50 gr sugar
20 gr butter
grated lemon zest
one pinch of salt
wild cherries in syrup

Drain the ricotta, mix with sugar, zest of lemon and liqueur and reserve it in the fridge.

With a fork mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt till fluffy, it is important they are fluffy don’t become stiff. Butter a pan (diameter 10 cm) and put on the heat. When the pan is hot, pour one spoonful of mixed eggs to create a crepe like a very thin pancake; after few second turn it and let it cook for small time. The crepe should be very pale, almost white and not gold. Let the crepes chill and then fill them with the mixture (ricotta, sugar…), roll them out.

Dust with icing sugar, top with wild cherries and syrup to taste.

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