Trullo per due

Trullo per due was built an the end of 19th century and renovated with traditional techniques that allowed to maintain the original characteristics.
It is located on a beautiful and sunny hill, surrounded by olive trees that appear to change colour with the wind, and by other old stone buildings.

Inside the trullo you will find a double bed, bathroom, kitchen, living room and a dining area.
The simple decor, typical of Puglia, provides a relaxing atmosphere in perfect harmony with the building.

On the outside there is a shaded lunch area, a grill and a small pool carved in stone where you can have a relaxing bath.

The thickness of the stone walls keeps the trullo warm in the winter and cool in the summer, to the point that air conditioning is not needed.

Living for a few days in this ancient building will bring you in contact with the beautiful nature around, made of bright colours and strong scents.

This charming Trullo was renovated by architects Flore & Venezia; absolutely check some of their works at their website.

Among the most popular dishes you could taste in one of the many restaurants or masserie (farms) around Ostuni, there are orecchiette con le cima di rapa (with broccoli rabe) and orecchiette al pomodoro e formaggio ricotta (with tomato sauce and dried salted ricotta cheese), rice potatoes and mussels (riso patate e cozze), spaghetti with clams (Spaghetti con le vongole).

Orecchiette is a variety of home-made pasta, preferably using whole grain flour. We advise to cook and taste our revisited recipe: Orecchiette with peas, pecorino, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella.

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