Lemon and Pepper Sautéed Clams

Lemon and Pepper Sautéed Clams

Summer mood on!

A delicious recipe I cannot forget is this following Lemon and Pepper Sautéed Clams.

Two years ago I spent some summer days in the Marina di Ugento area – South Italy – Puglia.

Here, the beaches, overlooking the Ionian Sea and protected by dunes of white sand with very fine grains and a lush pine forest, are among the most suggestive of the entire coast. The sea is clean and crystalline, characterized by different and rare shades of blue.

As in all part of Puglia the food was flavourful, a lot of fish, fresh veggies and fruit, diary cheeses and more…

In the small village of Torre Suda in a cozy cliff-side restaurant with a wonderful location and a sea view, I ate an appetizing and unusual version (….at least for me :-)) of sautee’ clams. I only season clams with a few tomatoes, parsley and garlic; the one I ate at this restaurant was made with lemon juice and zest with a finishing touch of freshly grounded black pepper.

In the following recipe, that I got from the chef himself, I accompanied the dish with some grilled slides of bread. More Apulian recipes in this link.

🍷 Marinella🍴

Lemon and Pepper Sautéed Clams
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