Winter Bread Soup from Pisa – Zuppa Pisana

This week we show you a very traditional peasant zuppa from Pisa – Toscana (zuppa pisana). Despite the humble origins and ingredients, it is a very tasty and nutritious dish. The principal ingredient is black cabbage (cavolo nero or palmekål); if you prefer a sweeter taste you can replace it with the green one.

The recipe is a very old one, coming directly from granny Elgiva, the grand-grandmother of my dear friend Irene.

Advice: let rest a day in the fridge and reheat before eating to enhance all the flavours!

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Risotto with asparagus

Asparagus was cultivated by the Romans as early as 2500 years ago. This vegetable is nowadays still a key element in the Italian kitchen for its versatility, flavour and healthy properties.
Fresh asparagus is available in Italy from March to June, and is a symbol of the arrival of spring like no other vegetable.
We all love the spring feeling and the new energy asparagus gives us, so let’s celebrate this season with what we consider one of the best asparagus-based Italian dishes: the “Risotto with asparagus”

Risotto with asparagus

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