Avocado mousse with chocolate and basil

This delicious and easy recipe is borrowed from one of our favorite blogs: rossomelograno. It is a nice combination of three very different ingredients: chocolate, avocado and basil …..If you want to make a quick and yummy dessert, this is the recipe for you!

mousse avocado cioccolato basilico.0JPG
picture by rosso melograno blog

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Venetian Bellini Cocktail and Grilled Polenta with BaccalĂ  Mantecato (Codfish Mousse)

Do you need ideas for a perfect appetizer? Serve a mousse of salted cod on baked polenta as people use to do in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: VeniceThe Venetians call their appetizers cicchetti (the Venetian version of the danish smørrebrødand they are usually served with a glass of wine known as ombra.
A typical cicchetto is prepared with baccalĂ  mantecato, a mousse of dried and rehydrated codfish, boiled and whipped with olive oil until light and airy. 

Among other classical cicchetti there are: slides of squid ink polenta with baccalĂ  mantecato, white polenta with cuttlefish and sarde in saor.

BaccalĂ  mantecato is one of the most popular method to serve the baccalĂ   in the North of Italy … let’s see the recipe!


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TiramisĂą and Pasta alla Carbonara

The classics should never be forgotten!

We strongly believe that before being able to adventure into the world of Italian food, you need to master the classics, you need to make them first and make sure you’re damn good at it and only then you can start thinking something else. I know some people disagree with us, but we’ve seen so many bad and totally unbalanced recipes of the “classics” cooked by Italian people that we just felt we should let this out first – start with the classic!
To improve the way you understand recipes or how you combine flavours, the first thing to do is go to back to the classics and start cooking!
That’s why we first cooked and cooked all together the “classics” to be sure that the recipes were the same and the right ones and then we decided to share them with some of our not Italian friends.
When we say “classics” we are obviously talking about the pasta alla carbonara and the tiramisĂş.

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Orecchiette with peas, pecorino, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella

During one of our downtown morning strolls, our attention was captured by the presence of danish green peas among the fresh vegetables in the market stalls.
Suddenly we realised that those were the remaining ingredients we needed to prepare the dish to start our blog.
Whole grain orecchiette with sun dried tomatoes, peas, mozzarella and pecorino cheese is one of our to-go pasta dishes. It is perfect for weeknight meals and when you have guest beacuse it is nutritious and very quick and easy to prepare.
The ingredients are typical from northen to southern Italy and are easily found in Denmark.
We used the whole grain orecchiette but you can use every different kind of pasta.
The success is guaranteed!


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