Skype 🖥 Apèro 🥂 Recipes 🍕


If you’ve ever been to Italy you will know that the Aperitivo – pre-dinner drink paired with a savoury snack – is a big happening, something that we Italians find hard to do without. It’s much more than simply sipping a glass of Prosecco, it’s our way to socialize, to broaden our circle of friends, and to meet our friends and beloved spending cozy time chitchatting with them.

There’s no need to say that these days of shut down imposed by almost every country, stopped our habit to meet for the Aperitivo until we decided to opt for a Skype Apèro 😊.

We appealed to the technology and decided to connect over video (it might be Skype but also Zoom or any other programs) with our friends. The only rule has to be that everyone has to prepare something to nibble, and uncork the best wine to sip during the call.

We added some recipes we prepare to enjoy our Skype Apèro to this page. If you want to get inspired just click on the pictures below.

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