Recipes for Young Chefs 👩🏻‍🍳

MARCH 2020 – You were coveting to slow down your hectic daily life for a long time, and so were your hubby/wifey and your lovely kids. Let us pretend that nothing is happening out there and let assume that you decided to stay at home maybe for 4 weeks, or more, to enjoy every single moment with your beloved. The first question you most likely asked yourself is how to get the most out of this unusual and never come again period. After having played all the board games that laid in that dusty box you forgot to have in the loft and spent hours knitting sweaters that you already know you won’t ever wear, finally, you stumbled upon our blog. This is a clear sign that the time was ripe for trying new recipes, mostly Italian, and suited to be prepared with the skilled hands of your little chefs.

Click on the pictures above and let the fun begin!

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