Linguine Pasta with Tomatoes and Plaice Fillet

Linguine Pasta with Tomatoes and Plaice Fillet

This week we got the chance to taste the fresh Plaice fish delivered directly at our doorstep by the danish Blue LobsterApp. Blue Lobster is changing the way fish is bought and sold, by enabling fishermen to cut out the middlemen and sell directly to restaurants and end-consumers via a digital marketplace.

We just recently approached this company, and we already love this new way to buy the freshest local seafood directly from the sea. Their core identifier is to catch fish using sustainable fishing practices and passive gears such as nets instead of trawlers. The fish they supply is often still alive, as they don’t process, freeze or defrost any seafood. We believe this is a guarantee of quality giving us the assurance to prepare something delicious like our recipe of the week: Linguine Pasta with cherry tomatoes and Plaice fish.

We served this delicious Linguine with a glass of 3 Passo Bianco Organic White Wine. This Italian Golden Yellow colour wine is made mostly with Chardonnay and Grillo grapes. This fresh and intense wine features pleasant hints of tropical fruit, yet a great structure and smoothness

Grab the recipe here: Linguine Pasta with Tomatoes and Plaice Fillet

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