How to cook Ca’-Cucina fresh products


Every week Davide and Diego, the super friendly owners of Ca’ – Cucina –  an Italian restaurant – takeaway and catering located in Rebekkavej 49Hellerup 2900, Denmark sell tasty, fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruit, grown at the warmth of the Italian sun and imported directly from Italy every Tuesdays.

From September there is a new and exclusive offer from Ca’ – Cucina: a mix box with seasonal and selected fresh, taste and ripe vegetables and fruits grown in Italy. With just one mouse click here you can order your box and get it at Ca’ – Cucina on Wednesdays.  If you are in need for a specific product you can buy it directly at Ca’ Cucina every day, from 11a.m.

Here we collect the recipes prepared with vegetables and fruit we found at Ca’ – Cucina shop. Take a look, and let these inspire you!

  • End-of-Summer Figs, Goat Cheese and Ham Canape’: these last minute canapés are perfect to start an end-of-summer party. By using seasonal figs (black or green equally match well for these canapés) accompanied by the tanginess of a good goat cheese, you’ll offer your guests a flavour explosion.


the recipe here

  • Fresh pork sausages: we prepared Pasta alla Norcina a tasty, robust and traditional recipe from Umbria, a region of central Italy. The recipe here
Pasta alla norcina
  • Artichokes: carpaccio with hearts of artichoke and parmesan cheese.

Recipe here

  • With Sanguinello blood oranges we make the orange cake, the recipe is from Sicily.
Orange cake –  from Sicily

The recipe here.

  • Spinach is an essential component of this dish, so fresh and fleshy spinach gives a better result than frozen. Spinach Lasagna roll-ups: recipe
Spinach lasagna rolls – up
  •  This dish which is sophisticated in its semplicity, the only thing that is necessary to make this dish perfect is fresh artichokes of high quality, like the ones we found at Mercatino delle verdure. Easy Steamed artichokes


  • The black cabbage is a vegetable rich of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. the weekly recipe with this vegetable is here.
black cabbage3
Pasta with black cabbage pesto
  • Two culinary excellences from North Italy: Radicchio rosso tardivo di Treviso and Radicchio variegato di Castelfranco.  Two recipes to taste them here
  • Just a light and easy recipe with fennel and orange: recipe here

    Fennel,  orange and walnut salad
  • With broccoli rabe ( cime di rapa in Italian) we prepared this traditional recipe from Apulia – Southern Italy


recipe here: orecchiette with broccoli rabe

  • Delica pumpkin  inspired us this gnocchi. recipe
pumpkin gnocchi
  • Thanks to Davide and Diego, with a big surprise, 49Hellerup) we found Italian puntarelleand we couldn’t miss to prepare them. RECIPE HERE
puntarelle chicory
  • This week the Mercatino di verdure (vegetable market) inspired us this paccheri pasta filled with ricotta and chard.  You find the recipe here
paccheri pasta filled with chard and ricotta
  • The black cabbage inspired us this traditional, tasty and nutritious  peasant bread soup from Pisa – Toscana (zuppa pisana). The recipe here
zuppa pisana (bread soup)
  • Violet eggplant and celery are the right ingredients to prepare the caponata. The recipe here
eggplant caponata
  • With San Marzano tomatoes we made fresh homemade tomato puree (passata di pomodoro), and a mouth-watering dish of Spaghetti al Pomodoro. For the recipe click here.
  • We paired the Cantalupe melon with the sweet taste of  the dry cured meat coppa to obtain this result: recipe here
Cantalupe melon with coppa charcuterie
  • The striated violet eggplants suggested us this recipe:
eggplant rolls
  • Roast the red and yellow peppers to make this recipe.
Roasted pepper canapes

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