Guest Recipes

In this page we gather recipes collected from fellow Italian friends who live around the world

December 2019 – Candied Orange Peels – by Flavia – SpaghettiAbc

Our friend Flavia of Spaghetti ABC gave us her version of these candied orange peels. Flavia is a free food thinker, nomadic pasta maker between Italy and Sweden. If you are curios to know how she connects the South with the North Europe, keep on reading :-))

March 2018 – Tiramisú by Elena (Stockholm)

Tiramisu’ is the most famous Italian dessert and today is that day of the year where everyone is allowed to prepare it and eat it, without having a guilty conscience….or nearly! We already told you the controversial history of Tiramisu in a previous post ( so today we want to celebrate together with our friend Elena, who kindly gave us her mom’s Tiramisu’ recipe. Let’s go and meet Elena reading the following interview!

Tiramisu Recipe

November 2017 – Tomato Risotto by Alessandra (Dubai)

This week our sweet and dear friend Alessandra, who is also an excellent and refined cooker, shows us how to prepare the Tomato risotto.

Tomato Risotto Recipe

October 2017 – Pasta al Coccio by Alice (France)

Today’s recipe of Pasta al Coccio is a typical Florentine fall recipe that we got from our sweet friend Alice. Let’s go meet her in the following interview and learn how to cook this recipe.

A Convivial and Warm Recipe: Pasta al Coccio from Florence
Pasta al Coccio Recipe

June 2017 – Risotto with Mushrooms by Silvia (New Zealand)

Our Italian friend Silvia from New Zealand (very far from us!  🙂 ) sent us her version of Mushroom Risotto.

Mushroom Risotto Recipe

May 2017 – Pasta (trofie) with Pesto Sauce by Massimo (Houston)

The recipe of this week is kindly offered by Massimo, an Italian friend (and cousin of one of us :-)) who lives in Houston together with his beautiful kids and his lovely wife.

Pasta with Pesto Recipe

April 2017 – Aubergine Tower – Torretta di Melanzane by Matteo (Copenhagen)

Our friend Matteo has shared with us a recipe inspired by the Torretta di Melanzanea dish created by the renowned Italian chef Alfonso Iaccarino. If you want to taste the original, you can go to his restaurant Don Alfonso di Sant’Agata dei Due Golfi in the Amalfi Coast.

Aubergine Tower Recipe

March 2017 – Tordelli di Lucca by Elena (Japan)

This week our Italian friend Elena, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, shares with us a tasty and traditional recipe from Lucca, a beautiful small town in Tuscany. If you are arranging a journey in Toscana don’t miss a stop there, even just to taste the tordelli di Lucca!

Tordelli Recipe

February 2017 Passatelli in Broth by Giulia (Chile)

Today it is the turn of our dear friend and talented photographer Giulia! We invite you to periodically take a look at new website Giulia is developing and working on:

Passatelli in Broth Recipe