Fiano – Salento Igt wine and steamed squilla mantis on chickpea cream

Today we present a white wine, Fiano – Salento IGT (Indication of Geographic Tipicity) from I Buongiorno, a wine collection created by the refined sommelier Teodosio Buongiorno. It is made from one of the finest Apulian vineyards, according to the age and characteristics of the land.

Teodosio Buongiorno, together with his wife Teresa, are the owners of Osteria Già sotto l’arco. She created “Steamed squilla mantis on chickpea cream” (the recipe below), a dish which can perfectly be matched with Fiano – Salento Igt wine. 


The Osteria già sotto l’arco is located in Carovigno, a small nice village in Alto Salento – Brindisi. With its one Michelin star, it is considered one the best restaurant in Apulia.  It is located in an historical eighteenth-century palace, in the heath of the village. The elegance of the location is reflected in the refinement of the cuisine and all the dishes are rich in tradition, experience and creativity. The result is an authentic and excellent Apulian cuisine.

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