Zin – Fiano Salento White Wine and Black Trofie Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Cuttlefish

This week the Walkingwine 3-wheeler stopped in “The white city” Ostuni – Puglia at Ristorante Porta Nova and paired a Zin – Fiano Salento white wine with a “Black Trofie Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Cuttlefish” dish.

Porta Nova is set on a breathtaking view terrace inside a XV Century Aragonese donjon and it offers a lovely view on the olive trees valley and on the Ostuni shore.

Passionate, territorial and feminine” is the definition Erika Ciaccia, the chef of this renowned and fine restaurant,  gives her cuisine. She offers a cuisine with excellent and local ingredients with an international style.

The restaurant opening by Tonino Ciaccia is dated 1989, and since then Erika loves to spend time with her dad in the kitchen. Her passion grew over time and has been strengthened thanks to a master with Massimiliano Alajmo. the youngest chef to gain 3 Michelin stars. Beside that, Erika went to the finals of “Hell’s Kitchen”, in the Italian television. Since she was 18 years old, Erika is the chef of Porta Nova. 

Today she has prepared for us a fish dish that perfectly blends different ingredients and flavours typical of Southern Italy. This dish is enhanced by the distinct personality and structure of Zin – Fiano, as recommended by Walkingwine.

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Montepulciano Rosato wine and fresh pasta with yellow tomatoes and smoked cacioricotta cheese

This week Graziana and Giorgio, the owners of WalkingWine, an Apulian street – wine shop, presented us a pairing between a Contessa Staffa – Montepulciano Rosato IGT Daunia wine by Antica Enotria wine-cellar, and a dish created by Francesco Nacci.

Since 2012 Francesco Nacci is chef and owner, together with his wife Evelyn Fanelli (expert sommelier), of Botrus – divino Ristorante  restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Ceglie Messapica – Puglia – South Italy, a  small and elegant town in the heart of the Itria valley (for more info take a look here).


Chef Francesco’s connection with the kitchen is engraved in his DNA: at the end of the nineteenth century his great-grandmother, known as “Anna la cantiniera“, was one of the first to get a license to open a restaurant in Ceglie; his grandmother Lucia and mother Immacolata, who even today makes all dishes with fresh handmade pasta, were restaurateurs too.

Francesco‘s passion for the cuisine blossoms in adulthood when, far from his mother’s kitchen, he rediscovered and learnt the importance of raw ingredients, needed to create great dishes. In his cuisine, instinctive and traditional, he embodies the authenticity of the Apulian flavors without exempting himself from learning and experimenting with different cooking techniques.

The dish prepared by chef Francesco is made with 3 Apulian niche products: sponzale onions, yellow tomatoes and cacioricotta cheese (see the recipe below). The sweetness of this dish is enhanced by the characteristics of the Montepulciano Rosatowine, as recommended by Walkingwine.


Fresh wholemeal pasta with yellow tomatoes and smoked cacioricotta cheese


INGREDIENTS for 4 servings:

350 gr fresh wholemeal homemade pasta made with flour and water (like strascinate or orecchiette or similar)
∼ 30 Torre Guaceto yellow tomatoes
150-200 gr smoked cacioricotta cheese
3-4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
lemon bio zest, to taste
3 sponzale, (also called porraia) onionsonly the white part, finely chopped

The sponzale belong to the onion family, they are like an onion bulb with a green edible stem and they are appreciated for the sweet taste. This vegetable is a niche product of Apulia and Basilicata Italian regions.

The small yellow tomatoes are characterised by bright yellow fruits with a very sweet and aromatic taste. They are a niche product cultivated in a small land by the Adriatic sea of Marine Protected Area, Torre Guaceto located in Carovigno municipality, Alto Salento – Brindisi.

Cacioricotta cheese is a white and hard paste cheese made with goat and/or sheep’s milk. It can be grated or cut in flakes and the taste is intense. It is a traditional product from the Southern Italian regions Puglia and Basilicata.

In a wok pan heat the oil, then add the sponzale onions and let them sauté for few minutes. Add the tomatoes, cut half of them into two parts and leave the others whole, salt in the pan and let sauté for few minute stirring with a spoon wooden. Then lower the heat, cover the pan with a lid and let cook for 20- 30 minutes, adding a bit of water or broth little by little, if too thick. When the sauce is ready, finish with fresh grated lemon zest.

Meanwhile, fill a big pot with water and bring to a boil, cook into it the strascinate, or orecchiette,  until al dente (follow the instruction here).
Drain the pasta and combine it with the yellow tomatoes sauce, mixing very well. Sprinkle with freshly grated smoked cacioricotta cheese.

Contessa Staffa – Montepulciano Rosato IGT Daunia

Wine cellar: Antica Enotria, the first Apulian cellar that obtained the certification of organic production.
Grape variety: several varieties of Montepulciano.
Wine: trained using  the “Pugliese trellis” method, 100,000 kg per hectare.
Sensory characteristics: a lovely pink colour with slight nuances of onion skin, the wine with flavors reminiscent of wild strawberries and other small red berries. On the palate, the wine is remarkable for its aromatic persistence and strikes a perfect balance between velvety soft and crisp.


Walkingwine: a street-wineshop

Walkingwine: an unconventional catering, the wine where you want it.

Last summer we randomly came across the inventors of a quite unusual way to taste and enjoy wine: a street wine – shop. Graziana and Giorgio, two Apulian business owners, a few months ago started their activity with the idea of bringing top quality local wine into the streets of Puglia with an equipped 3-wheeler.

“We are at our best in lonely places: nature, country side, cliffs, view points… where there’s nothing, we come, we bring the party, we go. Leaving the “nothing” in its own place” is their motto. Check their website.

We kept contact, and they offered to present a guest post with a pairing between a wine produced with grapes from the Apulian vineyards and a dish suggested by a local chef, whose flavours are enhanced by the characteristics of the wine.

The first column presents a white wine, Fiano – Salento IGT from I buongiorno, a fine wine collection created by the refined sommelier Teodosio Buongiorno, and made from ones of the best Apulian vineyards according to the age and characteristics of the land.

Teresa Buongiorno, the owner with Teodosio, of the Osteria Già sotto l’arco restaurant prepared a dish, “Steamed squilla mantis on chickpea cream” (the recipe below), which pairs with this wine the best.

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