About us: Francesca & Marinella

A few months ago, one of us has bought a new house with an amazing kitchen and suddenly we all thought: “This is The Kitchen!”. Since then, we often enjoy cooking all together in that kitchen.
We come from different places in Italy, from far north to deep south, and we live in Copenhagen, each for a different reason. Among the first questions asked by the people we meet in Denmark, usually after sighing how they love Italian food, are: “Do you miss it? Do you manage to find the products you need?” It also happens very often that our friends in Italy ask: “Can you prepare Italian food with fresh ingredients?!?”.
To their surprise, the answer is: “YES! We do cook Italian food, … using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The fun is trying to combine the danish products with real Italian recipes!”
And we succeeded, so far… cooking together and enjoying “The Kitchen”.
This is where the idea for this blog came from!


These beautiful pictures were taken by the professional photographer Giulia Bellini who is also a dear friend. We wish to thank her warmly for the ability to capture in these few shots exactly the atmosphere around us, when we get together in The Kitchen.