Warm and Comfort Lentil, Apple and Chestnut Soup

This month’s first recipe is an intriguing soup: the slightly sweet flavour of apples and chestnuts mixed with the taste of lentils will win you over. This comforting soup is a traditional recipe from Abruzzo, a beautiful central Italian region. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a red wine made from grapes that grow in this region, is the right wine match… Continue Reading →

Roasted Tomato Soup with Burrata and Almonds

This quick homemade tomato soup is a perfect summertime dish, especially if you happen to find ripe and juicy tomatoes (like the Italian ones :-)). The soup it’s equally good hot or chilled. And if you want to give your dish a taste of Italy add slices of Burrata.

Our Favourite Recipes

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Classic Summery Pappa al Pomodoro Recipe from Tuscany

Viva la pappa pappa col popopopomodoro, viva la pappa e’ un capopolavoro🎶 🎶...

This is one of those songs that made the history of Italian music, known by all the Italians ever since they were children. It’s something my grandma used to sing to my mom when she was little. A generation later, my mom used to do the same to me, and two generations later I sang it to my kids to encourage them to eat.

Let’s contribute to make this song everlasting: learn the refrain, take the ingredients out of the larder and prepare the Pappaal pomodoro. This peasant recipe has earned a special spot in the Italian cuisine over the years. Originally from Tuscany, it’s known all over the Italian peninsula, thanks to its simplicity. The basic ingredients are only stale bread, ripe tomatoes and garlic. By adding a drizzle of Evo oil, a handful of basil leaves, and a dollop of mozzarella cream, you’ll get a great dish to be served to your kids… humming the Pappa al pomodoro song!

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