Scented Bergamot Risotto from Calabria

This risotto is made with two products from Calabria, a region in Southern Italy: the bergamot whose taste is less sour but more bitter than lemon, and the red onion of Tropea, of extraordinary sweetness and with a delicate scent. The Bergamot comes from a short stretch of land in the Reggio Calabria Province, along the Ionian Sea coast. The… Continue Reading →

Authentic Mushroom Risotto

Our Italian friend Silvia from New Zealand (very far from us! 🙂 ) sent us her version of Mushroom Risotto. But first of all let’s go meet her. Do you want to introduce yourself? My name is Silvia Canessa and I am 43. I have 2 boys Riccardo 12 and Lorenzo 10 and a black… Continue Reading →

Risotto with asparagus

Asparagus was cultivated by the Romans as early as 2500 years ago. This vegetable is nowadays still a key element in the Italian kitchen for its versatility, flavour and healthy properties. Fresh asparagus is available in Italy from March to June, and is a symbol of the arrival of spring like no other vegetable. We… Continue Reading →

Our Favourite Recipes

In this page you can find our recipes divided by categories. Click on the pictures and start planing your Italian menu. PASTA & SOUP APPETIZER DESSERT PASTA FRESCA TRADITIONAL RECPES FISH Quick Recipes MEAT RISOTTO VEGGIES COCKTAILS BREAD & BAKED GOODS SIDE DISHES

Crispy Pan-Cooked Apulian Traditional Pasta: Spaghetti all’Assassina – Nero di Troia Red Wine

Spaghetti all’assassina (killer spaghetti), is a signature dish from Bari, Puglia.
It becomes à la mode during the 70s.
This dish is so popular that in Bari even exists a “Spaghetti all’assassina Accademy”, with members that respect religiously the way this pasta is made.
The technique behind is called “risottatura”, so the pasta is not boiled but is cooked directly in the pan, like a risotto, adding the liquid (in this case the tomato sauce) little by little, until it is absorbed and the pasta is cooked.
The pasta cooks high heat, until it caramelizes and scorches: spaghetti must be crunchy but not burnt! And they are really spicy to, with a lot of peperoncino.
So try the recipe that follows here and become an honorary barese.

Guest Recipes

In this page we gather recipes collected from fellow Italian friends who live around the world. Click on the recipe’s picture and let’s start reading… and cooking May 2020 – A Tasty Traditional Roman Dish: Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe by Russell – Carpe Diem (Roma – Italy) What’s a Cacio e Pepe? In one sentence: one… Continue Reading →

Food and Wine Pairing

When it comes to Food and Wine Pairing, you have to know which wine enhances which flavour of the food, and vice versa. This page isn’t intended to be a guide to pairing food and wine.  It is, instead, meant to give you some advice about what food goes perfectly with the wine you are… Continue Reading →

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