Eat Spaghetti The Italian Way

If you plan a trip to Italy this summer, you might need to learn how Italians eat spaghetti. It may take practice and habits, but you’re still on time. ;-). Following these tips and watching how we eat spaghetti daily, we hope it will help you eat and enjoy this delicious dish like a true Italian!

Do you want to learn how to cook spaghetti like an Italian? Take a look here.

Eating spaghetti the Italian way involves a few key steps:

  1. Use a fork: Unlike in many other countries, Italians usually eat their spaghetti using a fork. The spoon is used rarely, only to help twist and lift the spaghetti onto the fork.
  2. Don’t cut your spaghetti: In Italy, it’s considered impolite to cut your spaghetti with a knife. Instead, you should twirl it around your fork. The good standard would like the fork, tilted and never vertical to the plate, to roll 4 or 5 spaghetti to form a perfect tangle to bring to the mouth.
  3. Don’t add too much sauce: In Italy, spaghetti is usually served with a light coating of sauce, rather than drowning in a sea of sauce. This allows the flavor of the pasta to shine through.
  4. Eat slowly and enjoy: In Italy, meals are meant to be savored and enjoyed slowly. Take your time with your spaghetti and appreciate the flavors and textures.
  5. Don’t slurp: Although slurping spaghetti is common in some cultures, it’s not considered polite in Italy. Try to eat your spaghetti quietly and without slurping.
  6. Use a napkin: Spaghetti can be messy, so make sure to use a napkin to clean your face and hands as needed. Do not tie your napkin around your neck: a sauce stain is much more elegant! ;-))

Eat Spaghetti The Italian Way

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