Winter favorite: Pasta e ceci – Pasta and Chickpeas

Pasta e ceci is a classic Italian dish that has been enjoyed for generations. It’s a hearty and comforting one-pot meal made with pasta and chickpeas, and it’s a staple of Italian cuisine. This traditional recipe is both delicious and easy to make, making it a favorite among home cooks and chefs alike. Perfect for a cozy winter meal, pasta e ceci is one of our favorite dishes to warm up with on a cold evening.

So grab the ingredients and get ready to cook up a delicious pot of pasta e ceci!

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Pasta e ceci

Preparation time: 10Cooking time: 20 min
Total time: 30 min
Pasta e ceci - Traditional Pasta and Chickpeas


  • 200 gr of short pasta
  • 400 g of canned chickpeas
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • EVO oil
  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley
  • salt
  • pepper, to taste


  • In a pot (big enough to contain the pasta) warm 3 tbsp of EVO oil on medium heat. Add garlic and sauté for 1 minute.
  • Drain and lightly wash the chickpeas. Then add them to the pot and let them brown over medium/high heat, stir to combine for a few minutes. Add half part of chopped parsley.
  • Add just 1 glass of water, season with salt and cook for 5 minutes over low heat with a lid.
  • Take one ladle of chickpeas and set aside.
  • Then pour about 2 glasses of water to the pot and bring it to a boil. Once the mixture is boiling add the pasta. Stir to combine well and to prevent pasta from sticking.
  • Cook on low heat, according to the package directions, until pasta is al dente. All along the process check that the pasta does not stick to the bottom and add a bit of water if needed.
  • When it is ready, remove the garlic, add the ladle of chickpeas set aside, and add a handful of chopped parsley.
  • Mix well, add a drizzle of oil, freshly ground pepper and serve pasta e ceci hot!

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