Sweet or Savoury Ricotta al forno – Baked Ricotta from Sicily

Ricotta al Forno from Sicily, is one of the uncountable delicious recipes we love from this incredible Italian island.

If you’ve been there you may know how amazing the food is. It’s not a mystery why I put on a kilo a day, without regret, when I’ve been visiting Sicily in the past. I tried all the delicacies I could, but I literally fell in love of the baked ricotta cheese.

In the Sicilian markets, of which the most famous is the Palermo’s Ballaro’ market, there are several varieties of Ricotta al Forno displayed in the early morning on trays, along with other Sicilian cheeses. Depending on the topping added to the ricotta, you can have the ricotta covered with Sicilian oregano, spices or even with pistachio with orange marmelade.

The version we want to give you is the simplest but you can enrich it by using a mix of herbs or, for the sweet version, served with a mix of nuts and a few drops of honey.

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴


Baked Ricotta

Preparation Time: 10 minCooking Time: 20-30 min
30-40 min

Baked Ricotta - Ricotta al forno


  • 250 g Ricotta, fresh and solid


  • EVO oil, salt, and sweet paprika

SWEET Version

  • honey
  • nuts, like walnuts or pine nuts


  • Pre – heat the oven to 180°C.
  • Divide the ricotta into small baking molds and bake until the ricotta turns lightly golden (25-30 min).
  • Let it cool. Serve the ricotta with a drizzle of EVO oil, salt and paprika.
  • For the sweet version, serve with a drop of honey.
Baked Ricotta - Ricotta al forno

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