Cheeseboard with Artisanal Jams and Fruity Honey – Organic Sangiovese Ca’ Storta Red Wine

A different dinner than usual or a refined appetizer with cheeses and jams? Whatever the occasion, cheese is always a good idea. Make your cheeseboard colorful and tastier by pairing the cheese of your choice with the right jam and some fresh seasonal fruit and crunchy nuts.

Don’t forget to serve a good wine: Sangiovese Ca’ Storta Red Wine is the one we love to pair with this recipe. It recalls wild berries, currants and violets with a pleasant acidity. The sweet tannins make it perfect for every occasion.

The jams we paired come from Calabria, a sunny and beautiful South Italian region.

Many thanks to DeliziedelGusto for sending over its gorgeous products, and to vinimondodk to let us taste this organic Sangiovese Red Wine.

Tête de Moine Cheese and Pear – Walnut Jam

Tête de Moine is a cylinder-shaped Swiss cow’s milk cheese produced in Belleley Abbey – Switzerland. Aged from 4 to 6 months in cool cellars, this cheese features elastic paste, intense flavor and strong aroma. Using a special tool named Girolle the cheese should be scraped to obtain typical beautiful and delicious floral shapes.

The art of tasting Tête de Moine cheese is certainly a fundamental part of its success.

Tête de Moine Rose shapes

We like to taste this cheese as an aperitif accompanied with fresh fruit as grapes and pears, along with pear-walnut jam. The sweetness and crispness of this jam goes well with the aging of this particular cheese.

Orange Marmalade and Moser Buure Weichkäsli Cheese

Moser Buure Weichkäsli is a Camembert cheese with a creamy texture and big, aromatic notes. As fresh, softer and sweeter cheeses it is traditionally paired with marmalade with a more sour taste, like the orange one.

Cipolle di Tropea – onion jam

The most “popular” combination of Cipolle di Tropea – onion jam is certainly with cheeses, both fresh and medium or long-aged. His sweet-sour taste enhances the delicacy of goat cheese and balances the important character of pecorino and seasoned cheeses.

Serve Cheeses, jams and marmalades with crunchy fresh sourdough bread, crunchy nuts and fresh fruits. Pair your cheese – board with a slightly chilled Sangiovese Red Wine – Ca Storta.

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