How to Quick-Dry a Fresh Thyme Bundle

After having enjoyed for a few days a marvellous bouquet with colourful thyme leaves, it’s time to preserve its scent and color for the upcoming months. For a long-lasting flavour of your fresh thyme use the following quick-dry method.

Thyme is such an easy herb to use and it can be added in many recipes.  We love using dried Thyme in oven-baked fish, in steak seasoning, and even if it might sound quircky, in some Italian Spoon Dessert!

🍷Francesca & Marinella🍴


A bunch, or more, of fresh thyme


Lay out the thyme sprigs in a single layer on a paper towel, then add another paper towel on top.

Microwave 1 minute and 30 seconds, then increments until dry. Keep on doing so for about 2 minutes, or a few more seconds. If you have a larger bunch of thyme sprigs you are drying, you might need to microwave them a little more.

After the leaves are dry, remove and discard the stems.

Store the leaves in an air-tight spice jar or bag for future use.

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