Grab a Slice of Pizza and Much More… in the Heart of Frederiksberg – Focacceria Dal Forno

Once a year Copenhagen hosts the Copenhagen Cooking and Food festival, where a huge number of extraordinary culinary experiences occur. Last Sunday, I was wandering through Frederiksberg (a small city in the suburbs of Copenhagen) looking for unique food experiences, and I came across a lovely Italian spot I had never seen before. I followed my Italian heart and I entered the place. Dal Forno (Værnedamsvej 9, 1819 Frederiksberg C) opened its doors in May and it is a Focacceria belonging to Famo, a firma owning a group of Italian restaurants in the Copenhagen area.

That day, I had the power to choose from many different type of focaccie and pizze. I chose, fascinated by the liberty of choice I had, a pizza with courgette, flavoured with mint and lemon, and the Sfincione. The Sfincione is a typical Sicilian Street Food. It is a simple bread-focaccia made even more delicious by adding a tasty condiment prepared with anchovies, onions, tomatoes, crumbled bread and freshly grated Pecorino cheese.

I also got to taste their fragrant Italian Treccia, a sweet bread enriched with chocolate chunks, either dusted with icing sugar or sweetened with granulated sugar. This soft delicacy is prepared from scratch by Gaetano, a chef who recently arrived in Denmark from Lampedusa, a Sicilian island. The Treccia, accompanied by an Italian Espresso, is a real dream!

Sicilian Treccia

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, chef Carlo transforms the Focacceria into a delicious-smelling Pizzeria. He tosses the pizza dough in the air, to prepare a real Italian Round Pizza. You won’t be disappointed, as the pizza is prepared according to a Neapolitan recipe. This recipe plans to let the dough rise for 24 hours before making it.

Round Pizza by Carlo Longo – Dal Forno
Thanks to Gaetano for sharing the recipe of Treccia with us. Scroll down to  find the method.

Treccia Sweet Bread With Chocolate or Caster Sugar

INGREDIENTS for 25–30 pieces:
Ready in about 25 hours (24 hours leavening, 10 min baking) 

1 kg flour “0”  (7,1 cup)
100 g sugar (0,5 cup)
20 g salt (0,07 cup)
100 g butter (0,44 cup)
450 g lukewarm water (1,7 cup)
20 g fresh yeast (6,5 tsp)
a good handful of chocolate chunks

1 egg
icing sugar, to taste
caster sugar, taste


Prepare the dough: pour the flour, sugar, butter and salt in a bowl. Dissolve the yeast in the water and add to the other ingredients. Knead all together, preferably with a stand mixer, until obtaining a smooth and sticky dough. Divide the dough into two parts. In one of them add the chocolate chunks. Knead separately the two doughs and shape each one in a ball, using some flour if needed. Put them in two big bowls dusted with flour and cover with a kitchen towel. Let them rise in a warm place for around 23 hours.

Then divide each dough into parts of about 100 g each. Place them on a baking tray with baking paper and cover with a towel. Let them rise for another one hour. Start rolling one ball in order to make a cord about 25–30 cm long. Then fold it in two and braid the two parts until you finish the dough. (see the picture below).

Preparing Treccia

Brush the Treccia with a slightly beaten egg.

Bake in the hot oven (240ºC ) for about 10 min. Let the Treccia cool a little. Then dust the one with the chocolate chunks, with icing sugar. Dust the plain Treccia with caster sugar.

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