All Souls’s Day Hazelnut Chocolate Torrone

The All Souls’s day is a Catholic festivity occurring on November 2nd, right after All Saints’ Day. Processions and recurrences occur and gifts are donated to so called “good children” the night between 1 and 2 November all over Italy. This is all done in memory of the dead, which are honoured by their relatives on the 2nd of November.

In Naples, the people use to prepare edible offerings, such as this Hazelnut Chocolate Torrone. Translated from Italian, this is called “Torrone of The Dead”. What a spooky name! This Torrone is made by layering chocolate,  to create a crunchy crust, filled with a satisfying cream of chocolate and hazelnut. This is just perfect to cheer you up during these sad days of remembrance.

Hazelnut Chocolate Torrone _1

INGREDIENTS for a plumcake mold (20×10 cm):

200 g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
200 g white chocolate, roughly chopped
400 g Nutella cream
150 g hazelnuts, toasted and peeled

Melt 200g of dark chocolate in a bain – marie. Keep the water just below simmering point. Wait for the chocolate to melt. Remove the chocolate from the heat but not from the bain – marie. Pour half of the melted chocolate into the plumcake mold and spread it on all the sides and bottom. Place the mold upside down on a plate into the fridge and cool rapidly, for about 5-10 minutes.

When done waiting, spread the remaining 100 g of melted-dark-chocolate on the mold. Once again, place the mold upside down on a plate. Let cool by placing it in the fridge.


Melt the white chocolate and the Nutella (together) in a bain – marie. Once melted, add the hazelnuts and stir, removing all of it from the heat. Then pour the hazelnut cream into the plumcake mold coated with the dark chocolate (previously prepared). Place the mold back into the fridge for at least 4 hours.

To take the torrone off the mold, take a knife and pass it between the edge of the mold and the dark chocolate. Then flip the torrone onto a plate. Let it rest at room temperature for an hour before serving.

Francesca & Marinella

Hazelnut Chocolate Torrone_2

Hazelnut Chocolate Torrone_3

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