Minutolo – White Wine – IGP Puglia with Crispy Fried Fish and Seasonal Vegetables by “Momo’- pescato – e – cucinato” Restaurant

For an intriguing and crispy fall  aperitif, WalkingWine street – wineshop has visited Momo’- pescato – e – cucinato, a cosy restaurant, located in a small village named Savelleri and with a view on the Apulian sea.

The young owner of this place, Antonio Legrottaglie, has welcomed the Walkingwine crew with a frittura di pesce e verdure di stagione– a fried fish matched with seasonal vegetables. Walkingwine has paired this light and crispy meal with a glass of Minutolo – white wine – Azienda Pietregiovani, which was appointed by some expert sommeliers as a very  intriguing wine.  

Chef Antonio goes daily shopping and, based on the availability of seasonal ingredients and his inspiration, he meticulously chooses some  ingredients, so that, regularly, some different dishes are added to the menu.

This small place (only 8 m2) is finely furnished with the colours of the sea. Antonio, accompanied by his inseparable fryer, his two induction fires and a small oven, prepares complete menus based exclusively on fish and vegetables. He never forgets to respect the environment: here you  get  your meal served solely on a biodegradable palm leaf!


The Dish: Crispy fried Fish and Seasonal Vegetables – Fritturina di pesce e verdure


fresh Calamari, washed and sliced
fresh Octopus, washed and chopped
fresh and small Anchovies, whased
fresh seasonal vegetables of your choice, sliced
Semolina flour
All-purpose flour
Extra Vergine Olive Oil
Peanut oil
Salt, to taste


Heat both oils in a deep frying pan until reaching a temperature of 180°C. 
In the meantime, pour in a bowl the semolina and the all-purpose flour and mix all together. Put the fish and vegetables in a bowl, cover them thoroughly with the flours and deep-fry for around 1 min and a half. Then let it cool on an absorbent paper for a few minutes and enjoy!

The wine: Minutolo – Vino Bianco – IGP Puglia

Wine cellarPietreGiovani  a company that produces wine in south of Bari  – Puglia area since 2009
Grape variety: Minutolo 95%, Verdeca 5%
Sensory characteristics
– Colour: gold with greenish reflections
– Smell:  floral notes of broom and cedar
– Taste: marked acidity in line with flavour.

Aging: in steel tanks for 6 month followed by 2 months in the bottles.
Food Pairing: perfect with Apulian fry.

WalkingWineMomo7Written in collaboration with WalkingWine and Luana Giacovelli

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