End-of-Summer Figs, Goat Cheese and Ham Canape’

These last minute canapés are perfect to start an end-of-summer party. By using seasonal figs (black or green equally match well for these canapés) accompanied by the tanginess of a good goat cheese, you’ll offer your guests a flavour explosion.

We found the sweet black figs at Ca’ – Cucina, Take Away, Eat – In, Catering and Events (Rebekkavej 49 – Hellerup, Denmark). They are back after the summer with plenty of seasonal offers we warmly invite you to visit.


INGREDIENTS for 8 canape’:

100 g Parma ham
8 slices bread (rustic Italian bread or Baguette)
3 figs
150 – 200 g goat cream cheese
balsamic vinegar cream

Spread each slice of bread with a generous amount of goat cheese. Drape a slice of Parma ham over the cheese.

Cut the figs in slices as thin as possible. Add the figs on top of each the canape’. Finish by drizzling over a little balsamic vinegar cream.


Francesca & Marinella

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