Walkingwine: a street-wineshop

Walkingwine: an unconventional catering, the wine where you want it.

Last summer we randomly came across the inventors of a quite unusual way to taste and enjoy wine: a street wine – shop. Graziana and Giorgio, two Apulian business owners, a few months ago started their activity with the idea of bringing top quality local wine into the streets of Puglia with an equipped 3-wheeler.

“We are at our best in lonely places: nature, country side, cliffs, view points… where there’s nothing, we come, we bring the party, we go. Leaving the “nothing” in its own place” is their motto. Check their website.

We kept contact, and they offered to present a guest post with a pairing between a wine produced with grapes from the Apulian vineyards and a dish suggested by a local chef, whose flavours are enhanced by the characteristics of the wine.

The first column presents a white wine, Fiano – Salento IGT from I buongiorno, a fine wine collection created by the refined sommelier Teodosio Buongiorno, and made from ones of the best Apulian vineyards according to the age and characteristics of the land.

Teresa Buongiorno, the owner with Teodosio, of the Osteria Già sotto l’arco restaurant prepared a dish, “Steamed squilla mantis on chickpea cream” (the recipe below), which pairs with this wine the best.

The Osteria già sotto l’arco is located in Carovigno, a small nice village in Alto Salento – Brindisi. With his one Michelin star, it is considered one the best restaurant in Apulia.

The restaurant is in an historical downtown eighteenth-century palace; the elegance in the furnishings, in their smile, in their dishes is a characteristic of this lovely place.

Teresa, in the kitchen, blends in her dishes tradition, creativity and refinement to obtain authentic and excellent Apulian cuisine.

The wine: Fiano – Salento Igt

This white wine, flavoured with orange and linden, is a great example of the potentiality of white wines from Apulia. Fiano is an ideal pair with fish and light dish.

The dish: Steamed squilla mantis on chickpea cream with clams and polenta chips

This dish, simple but at the same time tasty, combines legumes, crustaceans and molluscs following the Mediterranean diet tradition. 

Ingredients for 4 servings:

4 big squilla mantis
250 g boiled chickpeas
16 big clams
150 cl extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
1 garlic clove
salt and pepper
celery, parsley, laurel, lemon peel, 4 grains of black peppers, to make the stock

How to make the  stock:

In a large pan pour 1l of water, add the herbs (celery, parsley, laurel and lemon peel) the pepper grains, the salt and let cook for around 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, keep aside 16 chickpeas, mix the remaining chickpeas with the garlic and oil until creamy and homogeneous.

Once the stock is boiling, place the fish in the steamer plate, cover it and let steam for around 5 min.

Spread the warm chickpeas cream on 4 dishes,  place the squilla mantis and clams on.

You can add as you wish chips polenta  or sprouts. Finish with a drizzle of EVO oil and freshly grounded pepper.

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