An Italian Christmas on your table

We are delighted to present our first recipes collection:

“An Italian Christmas on your table”

You can now find the e-book  or the paper version on Amazon. With a simple swipe of a finger you can buy it! Just start from the link below:

“An Italian Christmas on your table”


Inside this collection you’ll find many delicious appetizer and cake recipes to bracket your Christmas meal with an Italian twist.
Thanks to our relatives and friends, we’ve been able to collect recipes from all over Italy, starting with a typical appetizer from North Italy, like the polenta with prawns, and ending your culinary journey with the Babà, a traditional dessert from Campania region in Southern Italy.

If you want to know more about few of our appetizer recipes, take a sneak peak at the pictures below.

We really do hope you enjoyed reading our post, and that you are now going to buy “An Italian Christmas on your table”.




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