Italian Fennel, Orange and Walnut Salad

The fennel and orange salad is a traditional Sicilian recipe. It’s a very light and easy recipe, and a good result is only due to the freshness and taste of the ingredients.


INGREDIENTS for 4-6 servings:

4 fennels
2 oranges
8 walnuts, roughly chopped
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Cut the fennel in quarters lengthwise and then trim away the core. Slice the quarters lengthwise as thinly as you can.

With a sharp knife, cut away the peel of an orange by slicing from top to bottom, following the contour of the orange (see the picture below).
Cut between membranes to release segments (see the picture below), cut them in pieces, and put in a bowl.

Squeeze the membranes over the bowl and whisk with olive oil.

Toss in the bowl the fennels and mix very well. Scatter with walnuts and season with salt and pepper.

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