Sweeter and Delicate Liptauer Canapés from Venezia Giulia Region – Italy

Liptauer is a creamy and tangy cheese quite popular across multiple countries. It is no surprise that there are many variations on the spread. We find Liptauer in many groceries in Trieste (the main city in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia) as this cheese is very appreciated in the north east of Italy. We opted to make Liptauer using ricotta and mascarpone cheese instead of sheep cheese, and sweet paprika instead of hot paprika.  Our version is sweeter and delicate, perfect to be garnished with pecan nuts.

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INGREDIENTS for 4-6 servings

100 g ricotta cheese
50 g sweet gorgonzola cheese
50 g mascarpone cheese
1 tsp paprika (sweet or hot)
rye bread slices
pecan nuts

Combine the ricotta, the mascarpone and the gorgonzola cheese in a medium mixing bowl and blend using an electric hand mixer, until thoroughly combined.

Let rest about 1 hour before serving in the fridge.

Liptauer is traditionally served on rye bread, but you can spread it on any kind of bread. Season with sweet paprika and garnish with pecan nuts.

Tips: best if served with a glass of chilled Vitovska wine.

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