Butterflies Pasta with Smoked Salmon

This quick Pasta with Smoked Salmon is for those who think that it takes a long time to make Italian dishes!

You will be able to prepare the seasoning while you are waiting for the water to boil.

🍷 Francesca & Marinella🍴


Preparation Time: 5 minCooking Time: 15 min
TOTAL TIME: 20 min


  • 350 gr pasta like butterflies, penne or similar
  • 200 gr chopped smoked salmon
  • 5 tbs extra vergine olive oil
  • 1\2  finely chopped small onion
  • 80-100 ml vodka or white wine
  • 2 tbs cooking cream or cream cheese, like Philadelphia
  • fresh ground pepper


  • In a pan, bring the water to a boil. As soon as the water boils, cook the pasta following package directions for cook times. In the meantime prepare the seasoning.
  • Sauteè the onion with oil for 5 min, then add the salmon and let it cook for 5 min at medium heat, stirring regularly with a wooden spoon. At high heat pour the wine or vodka and let cook until the alcool is evaporated. Then add the cooking cream or cream cheese, (in this case pour a bit of pasta cooking water to melt the cream cheese), and mix for 3 – 4 min till the ingredients are well amalgamated.
  • As soon as the pasta is cooked, drain and toss the pasta in the pan with the salmon sauce, mix well and top with fresh ground pepper. Enjoy it!!

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