Vanilla ice-cream with warm berries

This summer we’ve been hiking all around the “Three Peaks of Lavaredo” (also called in Italian Tre Cime di Lavaredo), the best know mountain groups in the Dolomites, and after three hours of hiking, we stopped, exhausted, at a Malga to eat something refreshing. And believe us that it’s nothing more restorative than a homemade vanilla ice-cream with fresh picked berries, to recharge the batteries.

If this weekend you are planning a cosy dinner together with your friends (…and you don’t have time to prepare a cake), treat yourself and your guest with this vanilla ice-cream with warm berries.  And we guarantee you that, after that, you would like to organise a tour of the Dolomites!


INGREDIENTS for 4-6 servings

500 gr vanilla ice-cream
200 gr berries (blueberries or rasberries)
3-4 ss caster sugar
4-6 meringues

Add berries in a pan and stir in the sugar. Cook over medium heat just until the sugar melts and the berries start to soften. Stir gently.

Crumble the meringues into the individual bowls and scoop ice-cream into them.

Top ice-cream with the warm berries. Serve immediately en enjoy!





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