Pork loin braised in milk

Finally a recipe with pork meat! We are delighted to share the first of our secret “Grandmother’s recipes” (called in Italian Ricette della nonna), that we’ve been lucky to inherited during the recent visit of the Mother – in – law of one of us.

Stay tuned for the other Italian secret Grandmother’s recipes! 🙂

Ingredients for 6 servings:
1 kg boneless pork loin
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
tablespoons extra vergin olive oil
clove of garlic
1 liter whole milk
2 teaspoons salt plus more for seasoning
freshly ground black pepper

cooking time: 2 hours

Cut off all of the skin or thick fat from the pork loin (has to look like the one in the picture).

Generously season the meat all over with salt and pepper.

Put oil and butter into a heavy-bottomed pot, large enough to hold the meat snugly and heat medium-high until the butter starts browning (not burning!)

Add the loin and brown it on all sides, top 10 mins, depending on the heat; add the garlic and the milk (so that the loin is almost completely dipped) and put the lid on until the milk starts boiling. Now turn to low heat, partly remove the lid, and simmer, without stirring, until milk has reduced by three-quarters and turned into golden curds (around 1 hour and a half). All along the process, check if the milk is condensing onto the bottom of the pot and gently scratch it, with a wooden spatula.

Cut the meat in thin slices and serve with curds on the top, and with steamed Brussels sprouts glossed with butter.




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