Spritz: how to make the Original Italian Aperitif

During this warm days, anytime is a good to have a Spritz!
The original Spritz is from Veneto region. It is born at the end of the 18th century during the Austrian domination. The soldiers and the merchants who arrived there were not used to the high alcohol content of local wines. So they started to ask the local hosts to spray sparkling water (“spritzen” in German) in the red wine or sparkling white wine.
Today this refreshing and not-too-sweet Spritz, that has spread all over Italy,
is made with Aperol or Campari liqueur (depending on your taste, the Aperol Spritz is sweeter and slightly less tart), Prosecco sparkling wine, un-flowered sparkling water and a slice of fresh orange.

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5 min
Spritz: how to make the Original Italian  Aperitif


  • 3 parts of cold Prosecco Sparkling Wine – La Gioiosa
  • 2 parts of cold Aperol or Campari or Bitter Gagliardo
  • 1 part of cold soda water
  • slice of orange – ice cubes


  • Put the ice in the glasses, pour over Prosecco, water and then Aperol or Campari.
  • Finish with a slice of orange on the top.
Spritz: how to make the Original Italian  Aperitif

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