Orecchiette Pasta with Peas, Pecorino Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Mozzarella

During one of our downtown morning strolls, our attention was captured by the presence of danish green peas among the fresh vegetables in the market stalls.
Suddenly we realised that those were the remaining ingredients we needed to prepare the dish to start our blog.
Whole grain orecchiette with sun dried tomatoes, peas, mozzarella and pecorino cheese is one of our to-go pasta dishes. It is perfect for weeknight meals and when you have guest beacuse it is nutritious and very quick and easy to prepare.
The ingredients are typical from northen to southern Italy and are easily found in Denmark.
We used the whole grain orecchiette but you can use every different kind of pasta.
The success is guaranteed!


INGREDIENTS for 4 servings


A bunch of spring onions
900 gr  pea pods
3 tablespoons of extra vergin oil
8 dried tomatoes
400 gr  orecchiette or other type of pasta
125 gr mozzarella
50 gr grated pecorino


For this dish we need the fresh and shelled peas. If you don’t have “orecchiette” pasta you can use medium shells pasta. Peel the pea pods in advance.

In a pot put the water to cook the pasta. While waiting for the water to start boiling, in a large heavy-bottomed pan saute the olive oil and the spring onions, finely cut. To avoid browning, after 5 minutes add the peas, cover the pan and let cook for ten minute on low heat. Add a bit of water, if needed.
Then add the dry tomatoes, cut in small pieces and let cook for 5 minutes. Cook the pasta until “al dente”, then mix it with the sauce. Season with mozzarella (cut in a small pieces) and grated pecorino.


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