Tiramisù and Pasta alla Carbonara

The classics should never be forgotten!

We strongly believe that before being able to adventure into the world of Italian food, you need to master the classics, you need to make them first and make sure you’re damn good at it and only then you can start thinking something else. I know some people disagree with us, but we’ve seen so many bad and totally unbalanced recipes of the “classics” cooked by Italian people that we just felt we should let this out first – start with the classic!
To improve the way you understand recipes or how you combine flavours, the first thing to do is go to back to the classics and start cooking!
That’s why we first cooked and cooked all together the “classics” to be sure that the recipes were the same and the right ones and then we decided to share them with some of our not Italian friends.
When we say “classics” we are obviously talking about the pasta alla carbonara and the tiramisú.


INGREDIENTS for 4/6 servings

250g mascarpone cheese
3 eggs, separated
60 gr sugar
200 gr savoiardi or lady fingers “biscuit tiramisu’”
200 ml espresso coffee
5 smallspoons of sugar for the espresso
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

Add the sugar to the egg yolks. Beat well until the mixture is light and creamy. Add the mascarpone and beat well.
With clean utensils, beat the egg whites until stiff.

Mix in gentle way (from up to bottom) the beaten egg whites into the mascarpone mixture.
Melt the sugar in the hot espresso, pour it into a soup – dish and let it cool.
Quickly dip each lady finger in the espresso, working one at a time, and line the bottom of a glass dish or aluminum container, approximately 20cm round or square.
Once the bottom of the dish is covered in an even layer of espresso-soaked lady fingers, top with 1/2 of the mascarpone mixture. Repeat with another lady finger layer, then finally the remaining mascarpone.
Chill in the fridge for about 4 hours,  dust of cocoa powder and then serve!

Tips: use pasteurized eggs , mix sugar and egg yolks with an electric mixer, beat the egg white with an electric mixer. 


Pasta alla carbonara

INGREDIENTS for 4 servingsingredients_carb

400 gr Pasta (spaghetti or mezzi paccheri)
120 gr not smoked bacon/ guanciale
30 gr Pecorino Romano cheese
70 gr white vinegar
60 gr onion
4 eggs
60 gr butter
freshly ground black pepper
20 gr sea salt

Put the eggs and the finely grated Pecorino cheese into a bowl, season with pepper and beat thouroghly with a fork.
Remove any hard skin from the bacon, then chop it.
Cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling salted water until “al dente”. Meanwhile, into a medium frying pan melt the butter over a medium-high heat, then add the thinly sliced onion and let it gently cook until it becomes soft.
Stir in the pancetta, and cook until crispy and brown. Pour the vinegar and let it evaporate, then turn off the heat.
Then, reserving some of the cooking water, drain the pasta, add it to egg mixture and mix well.
Pour the pancetta and onion mixture over the pasta, toss well adding some cooking water, if needed, until it’s lovely and glossy. Serve with a grating of Pecorino and an extra twist of pepper.


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